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Alan Richardson, Software Testing consultant at ‘Compendium Developments’

Topic – Absolutes in language and how they apply to Software Testing


Testers explore certainty to find its limits. Testers are the people on the project who need to remain flexible in their opinions and beliefs. When I see absolute’ communication from testers: must, never, should, wrong, right. I grow concerned. I think as an industry we need to take care how we communicate. So I’ll point out why, and what we can do about it.

Top Takeaways:

  • Absolutes in thinking limit us
  • Testing explores the limits of certainty

Speaker Bio

Alan works as an independent Agile coach and software development consultant, helping companies improve their agile development and coding processes, use of automation, and exploratory technical testing. Author of four books including “Dear Evil Tester”, “Java For Testers” and “Automating and Testing a REST API”.

Alan also creates online training courses to help people learn Technical Web Testing and Selenium WebDriver with Java. Alan posts his writing and training videos on EvilTester.com, and CompendiumDev.co.uk. With over 80 repositories on Github, Alan keeps his development skills up to date and takes part in Bug Bounty programmes for security testing.

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