15+ Testers have already registered for this meetup!

The Test Tribe 21st Mumbai Meetup

27th April 2024
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST

15+ Testers have already registered for this!

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27th April 2024
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST


Community Coworks (Ackruti Trade Center)
Ackruti Trade Centre, Rd Number 7, Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047

Frontend Metrics Monitoring in Performance Testing

Session will cover need for monitoring frontend Metrics in performance testing for enhanced end user experience.

Key TakeAways
  1. Need for capturing frontend Metrics

  2. Tools and approach

  3. Optimizations through metrics

Session #1

Harpreet Kaur Kahai

Performance Test Manager/Architect Capgemini
LTI Accenture reliance communications logo
LTI Accenture reliance communications logo

Harpreet Kaur Kahai has around 17+ years of experience in Performance Testing. Currently working as Performance Test Architect in PTCoE with Capgemini Technology Services India Limited. She has worked with many performance testing like JMeter, Loadrunner, WAPT, Webload, VSTS Ultimate, Neoload, RPT, SIPp, etc., and APM tools like New Relic, App Dynamics, Grafana, Azure AppInsights, Cloudwatch, etc. providing end to end performance testing solutions. She holds experience with Performance Testing of Big Data Applications, Web Applications, SAP, Service Now, Mobile Applications, API, and Voice Calls.

In her career, she developed and implemented a performance testing framework for accelerating testing and also contributed to writing whitepaper as part of TCOE initiatives.
Harpreet has received much appreciation for her contribution as a trainer and mentor for Agile Testing, Performance Testing, and grooming new joiners of the company. Winner of various competitions within and outside the organization.

Harpreet holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Mumbai University and proud alumnus of K.J.Somaiya Institute of Technology.

Essential test automation metrics for driving continuous improvement

When our test automation sits between the deployment pipeline, we need to know more than just the status of the test result.
A single flaky or slow or failing test case can greatly impact the deployment,, similarly knowing and fixing this single test case can greatly improve the deployment. This session will focus on few metrics to look for from our test automation execution.

Key TakeAways
  1. Looking at the bigger picture of test automation execution issues
  2. Few metrics that can be useful in improving the test automation efficiency

Session #2

Niraj Yadav

Senior QA Advisor Teamleader
ngdata logo zycus logo 1631343795634
ngdata logo zycus logo 1631343795634

Niraj Yadav, Senior QA Advisor at Teamleader

Niraj has 12+ years of experience in Software Testing. He has worked across multiple domains and technologies as a functional, automation and ETL tester. He is an avid reader and he likes reading and traveling in his free time.

Understanding Resilience Testing

Software systems have grown dynamic and increasingly interconnected in the past few years. Now more than ever, ensuring the reliability and robustness of software systems has become both critical & a key priority for businesses. This session offers an introductory journey into the world of resilience testing, a crucial practice for fortifying software against unexpected failures and disruptions.

Resilience testing is a discipline that goes beyond typical testing methodologies, focusing on how systems respond to adversity and adverse conditions. This session is designed for quality professionals who want to elevate their understanding of building & testing resilient systems in an ever-changing environment.

Key TakeAways
  1. Gain a clear understanding of resilience testing: Discover what resilience testing is, why it’s essential, and how it differs from other testing methodologies, such as performance testing and load testing.
  2. Key components of resilience testing: Look at the core elements of resilience testing and understand how they contribute to system resilience.
  3. By the end of this introductory session, you should be able to visualize resilience scenarios in your application(s) and what is needed to test out these scenarios.

Session #2

Mithun Kotian

Chief Architect - Automation Zensoft Services
ConnectWise Oracle Synechron Mindtree
ConnectWise Oracle Synechron Mindtree

A seasoned software testing and quality assurance professional with a track record spanning over 16 years. With deep and diverse expertise in the world of software testing (across automation/performance/security/release), it has been his endeavour in ensuring that software systems he architects testing for are not just functional but also robust, secure, and performant. He firmly holds the view that taking a comprehensive approach to software testing is essential for achieving quality within project timelines, and that dedication to quality isn’t just a profession but a genuine passion for excellence.

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Past Attendee Testimonials.


Geosley Andrades

Senior Director - Product Evangelist ACCELQ®

Anees Shaikh

Specialist - Quality Engineering LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech

Vivek Patil

QA Engineer Miles IT
Bosco Correa

Bosco Correa

Software Test Engineer 2 Media.net

Your Hosts, Our Mumbai Tribe Champions.

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      Software Testing Meetup in Mumbai | Tester's Community Meet
      The Test Tribe 21st Mumbai Meetup 1

      Join the 15th software testing meetup in Mumbai by The Test Tribe happening on 15th May, 2023. Understand the power of ChatGPT in testing from Geosly, followed by Siddhant sharing his two cents on Agile Testing.

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      Geosley Andrades

      Geosley is a Director Product Evangelist and Community Builder at ACCELQ. He is on a mission to unite the testing community and keeps himself busy leading the Q Community – A Global Community of Test Automation Enthusiasts. Being passionate about continuous learning, Geosley loves to innovate the method of working, resulting in higher Efficiency. He has around 15 years of experience in the Software Testing Industry. Has previously worked in companies like JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Infosys. Being a Test Automation Enthusiast, he also holds a Certified Agile Leader and Certified Scrum Master accreditation from Scrum Alliance. The world of cloud computing fascinates him and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Cloud Practitioner.

      Gender: Male

      Job Title: Director - Product Evangelist

      Siddhant Wadhwani

      Siddhant Wadhwani is a proficient, self-motivated leader with nearly 8 years of professional experience in the IT sector. Presently, he works as a SDET Manager at Newfold Digital, responsible for managing SDETs across multiple projects and teams within the India Engineering division, with a primary focus on Test Automation and Execution Excellence. He has been instrumental in developing the foundation of test management and automation best practices in several projects, and is working closely with his team to disseminate these insights throughout the organization.

      Gender: Male

      Job Title: Project Lead - SDET Manager