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15+ Testers have already registered for this meetup!

The Test Tribe 3rd Kolkata Meetup

13th January 2024
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST

15+ Testers have already registered for this meetup!

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13th January 2024
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM IST


Offbeat CCU
36/F, Topsia Rd

Revolutionizing Generative AI for Quality Engineering

In this session, we’ll deep dive into:

  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Generative AI in Quality Engineering
  • Global Trends
  • Global Spending
  • Real-time Industry Use Cases
  • Q&A
Key TakeAways
  1. Understanding the QE Global market and its trends in 2024
  2. Relevance of Gen AI in QE realm

Session #1

Soumen Deb

Director - Program & Project Management LTIMindtree
Mindtree Cognizant
Mindtree Cognizant

Soumen is a long-time QE veteran who has spent more than one and a half decades in #QualityEngineering, serving customers around the globe. He’s an evangelist for technology and an out-of-the-box thinker who believes in continuous improvement and innovation on both personal and professional tracks. He loves to communicate & collaborate with people and build up tech communities globally.

Vulnerability Discovery in Open Source Software & Libraries

In the realm of software development, Open Source Software (OSS) and libraries play a pivotal role. However, their widespread use makes them susceptible to vulnerabilities that can compromise security. Vulnerability Discovery in Open Source Software & Libraries is a critical process that involves identifying and addressing these weaknesses. This exploration delves into the methodologies and challenges of this crucial aspect of software security, highlighting its impact on the resilience of open source projects in the face of emerging cyber threats. Join us as we navigate the complexities of securing the foundation of modern software through vulnerability discovery in open source environments.

Key TakeAways
  1. A brief history of open source security and vulnerabilities
  2. Reasons why this attack surface is still a problem in modern open-source libraries
  3. Methods that attackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in open-source libraries
  4. Reasons why it is easy to carry out attacks against any organization

Session #2

Arindam Halder

Chief Executive Officer RootNik Labs

As a fervent cybersecurity researcher, I specialize in various domains, including network security and comprehensive application security encompassing web, mobile, API, and source code review. I’m a co-founder of a cyber security company named RootNik Labs. In leading our startup, we specialize in offering personalized 360-degree cybersecurity audits and information security services to businesses and government organizations. Moreover, as an accredited training center by EC-Council, we provide cybersecurity training to individuals and companies alike.

My professional journey includes notable contributions to the security of industry giants such as Apple, Google, Lenovo, and Dell. In the spirit of community engagement, I proudly serve as the chapter leader of Null and OWASP Kolkata, and hold a position on the steering committee of the National Information Security Council.

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Ayan Paul

Ayan Paul

Deputy Head mjunction services ltd

Your Host, Our Kolkata Tribe Champion.

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      Bhargav Murari

      Competent and diligent professional with an experience of 8+ Years in Automation Testing, Focused and hardworking, An individual equipped with methodical knowledge and business understanding coupled with an analytic bent of mind and confident to take challenging assignments. I am a Selenium, Devops Specialist, Docker Enthusiast, R&D innovation by introducing mobile app to execute automation and Data analytics in Automation.

      Gender: Male

      Job Title: Senior Test Automation Engineer

      Vadeesh Budramane

      Currently Founder & CEO at AlgoShack, Former Senior Vice President at Sutherland Global Services, Former Director & Head of Healthcare Vertical at Computer Sciences Corporation, Former Managing Director at FCG. 32 years of experience focused on product engineering, innovation & IP creation. In his 15+ years of experience in senior leadership positions, Vadeesh has been responsible for strategic planning, end-to-end operations, and P&L. He has built globally competitive leadership teams, orchestrated strategic customer engagements, and created significant value for stakeholders.

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