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Session Title:
Record-Replay API Tests with Mocks using Keploy

Keploy is an open-source no-code API Testing Platform that generates test cases and data mocks from API calls.

Application testing is one of the biggest barriers to achieving truly Continuous Deployments because it’s use-case specific. Developers often avoid writing test cases because its time consuming, needs to be maintained for every change and metrics like coverage don’t necessarily guarantee quality. In this session, we’ll talk about how we could capture test cases from traffic data or locally by making API calls using Postman or Hoppscotch, how all infrastructure can be mocked automatically and how application writes could be safely replayed.

We’ll walk through examples of how keploy can work alongside existing testing frameworks and capture test cases quickly and mock infrastructure without needing to write Unit API test cases. We’ll also cover how these test cases would evolve as the application grows. The core contributors to Keploy will provide an overview of its features and capabilities, and how it is used at scale covering use-cases across microservices across various programming languages.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Record-Replay end-to-end API Test Cases
  • Generating data mocks from API calls
  • Unifying test coverage of unit tests and API tests and increasing code coverage with the test-suite
  • Black-box testing of microservices
  • API Chaining Tests 

About Speakers:

Neha Gupta

Co-Founder and core maintainer of Keploy API Testing Platform. Former Openlab Developer at CERN. Contributor to @xwiki, @jenkinsX. Led data and platform engineering teams Fareye and Lenskart. Loves talking about new open-source tech, women in tech, and testing automation.

Shubham Jain

Shubham has been a leading data and platform engineering team at Fareye and the innovation team at Lenskart. He has also contributed to open-source projects like XWiki-DokuWiki, and Kubernetes, and has spent some time at AWS in startup evangelism.

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