3rd September | Saturday | 10:30 AM IST

10th Mumbai Meetup

Mumbai meetup

Limited  seats available!

Date: 3rd September, 2022

Time: 10:30 AM IST

Venue: 91springboard Technopark, Andheri, Mumbai

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Session 1
Automation test suite migration - How to go about it?

Automation test suites allow teams to uncover defects faster with every new application release. While they provide efficiency, automation test teams should follow appropriate design principles consistently to build a highly robust, reusable, maintainable, and scalable test framework.

As they get started, Automation testing teams may prioritize short-term benefits over the broader overarching test automation vision. This leads to a poor automation experience in the medium to long run. In addition, the choice of the test automation framework library plays a crucial role in attaining the desired business goals. Over a period of time, some automation test frameworks have gone out of favor in the testing community, owing to:

  • Deprecated/unmaintained open-source test framework library
  • Limited forums. Limited test community support
  •  Limited built-in test parallelization, limited built-in plugins, etc.
  • Limited or no cloud platform support

Many such test automation teams encounter a need to migrate their automation framework to a new one or build a brand new framework implementation completely from scratch. In this session, I’ll take an example case study of how our team planned an automation test suite migration for Xamarin.UITest → Appium, and helped a customer team implement it for their mobile app automation test suite. Specifically, I’ll be covering:

  •  Triggers / Need for test automation migration
  • Applying a holistic migration strategy
  •  Creating and executing the implementation/action plan
  • Identified learnings post successful migration

Prerequisites for Attendees:

  • Experience in building or working with at least one automation test suite.
  • Some understanding of the test automation challenges around test flakiness, test maintainability, and achieving scale.


Top Takeaways:

  • Post the case study walkthrough, the audience can expect to have a deeper understanding in:
  • Identifying what goes into building a successful test automation suite
  • Identifying triggers for test automation framework migration
  • Building a test automation suite migration strategy
  • Executing a test automation suite migration plan

About Speaker


Samiran Saha, Customer Engineering Manager at BrowserStack.

Samiran has 10+ years of professional experience in development, QA, and customer-facing engineering roles. As a Solutions Architect, he has provided test architecture guidance to multiple Enterprise customer teams as well as helped them create the test automation strategy and implementation plans.

He likes to share knowledge about the testing landscape and test automation. As a part of his regular responsibilities, he also interacts with customers to help teams understand and complete cloud platform product evaluations successfully.

Some of his published blogs can be found here: https://www.browserstack.com/blog/author/samiran/

Session 2
Selenium Grid 4 on Kubernetes

Automation Testing is very critical in order to test and deploy software features to production, with optimum quality and in an agile manner. Well, that’s exactly where Selenium Grid steps in, to aid in the process, with its advanced capabilities. Selenium Grid specializes in running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, versions, configurations and machines in parallel. 

The scripts run on remote machines (virtual or real) by routing commands sent by the client to the remote browser instances, where the server acts as a hub. It uses a hub-node approach, where the hub is the central point where you load your tests and nodes are the Selenium instances that execute the tests, that were loaded in the hub.

As part of this session, I would be touching upon the following factors – 

What is a Selenium Grid, Components of the Grid, Grid 3 vs Grid 4, what’s new with Selenium 4, Grid 4 Architecture, Basics of Kubernetes, Configuring Selenium Grid 4 on K8s, Automation Tests execution on Selenium Grid 4, and more. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding what is a Selenium Grid – Components & Architecture 
  •  Why and When to use a Selenium Grid 
  •  Advantages of Selenium Grid 
  •  Advanced Features & Capabilities 
  •  How to configure Selenium Grid 4 on Kubernetes (Red Hat OpenShift) – Hands-On 
  •  How to run Automation Tests on Selenium Grid 4 – Live Demo 

About Speaker

Siddhant Wadhwani, Project Lead – SDET Manager at Newfold Digital

Siddhant Wadhwani is a versatile, self-directed leader with 7 years of professional work experience in the IT industry. Currently, he is working as a Project Lead – SDET Manager at Newfold Digital, managing SDETs across several teams within APAC Engineering, while mainly focusing on Test Execution & Automation Excellence. He has played a key role in forming the basis of test management and automation best practices within a couple of projects, and is working closely with his team now to extend those learnings across the org. Right from design discussions to architecture reviews, shift-left testing to in-sprint automation, adhering to code review guidelines and having a focus on non-functional areas of testing, Siddhant simply leads the way to set the best quality standards! Siddhant was recently recognized as a BrowserStack Champion, along with other thought leaders & experts from across the globe. Soon, we would be seeing him at the TestFlix 2022 event, talking about “Test Dominance in the era of Micro Frontends!” Above all, in his spare time, Siddhant loves to attend tech conferences on latest cutting-edge technologies and network with like-minded individuals. He’s also very fond of playing badminton and table-tennis.

The best way to reach out to him would be via LinkedIn or his personal website! LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/siddhantwadhwani Website : https://siddhantwadhwani.com/

Apart from the above items, it would be an amazing opportunity for you to:

  • Meet like-minded people
  • Network with other Testers
  • Discuss some cool Testing Ideas/Things
  • Ponder our thoughts on a few challenges we see as a Testers
  • We can have Quick Talks too. Yes, the platform will be set, you may just want to Stand up and Deliver a 100 Seconds talk about anything around Testing.
  • Chat over some quick bites and a cup of Coffee or Tea.

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