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16th October, 2021

Ask Me Anything with Robert Sabourin


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About AMA

After doing a long and bestest season of Ask Me Anything sessions long back in 2018-19, we are back with a fresh season with new guests and topics. The first and previous Season saw many great names from Testing Community and even if you have missed it, you can enjoy it on our Youtube channel: AMA allows our community to ask anything they want and get educated and meaningful responses from experienced professionals in the Software Testing field.

About Robert Sabourin

Robert Sabourin, P.Eng. has more than 40 years management experience leading teams of software development professionals to consistently deliver projects on-time, on-quality and on-budget.

As a respected member of the software engineering community, Robert has trained and mentored literally hundreds of top professionals in the field.

Robert is an Adjunct Professor of Software Engineering at McGill University who often speaks to conferences around the world on software engineering, Software Quality Assurance, testing and management issues.


Note from Speaker:

It is an honour to participate in a Testing Tribe AMA session about “ALL THINGS TESTING”. I want to hear from, and learn from, testers about what matters to them – what matters to help them succeed – what impediments are they facing to achieve success. I am excited to help make it real.

My goal is to answer questions in the first person – drawing from my 40 plus years in software engineering – I expect to share insights based on what I have seen – what I have done – and what I have failed to do – and most importantly on how I was able to learn from those experiences to become a more effective professional with a long track record of getting things done by doing the right thing well. . I believe software testing is ultimately about social responsibility. I know testers can become influential advisors to business stakeholders, advocating testing as a high valued cognitive activity. I look forward to the Testing Tribe AMA event.

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