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Building Automation Framework from Scratch

by Kunal Ashar

This session is all about facing and solving that challenge. We’ll explore the ins and outs of building frameworks together, addressing a significant challenge that many of us encounter. My aim is to make framework building less scary by breaking down this big problem and finding simple solutions.

API Testing Adventures with Postman and Other Tools

by Mesut Durukal

In this workshop, you’ll learn about Client-Server Architecture, OSI Layers, API description and connection to UI, API calls after UI actions, API working principles, API types, HTTP messages: API Requests & Responses, Standard Response Codes, Hands-on Postman Study, API call coding in Javascript, and much more.

Modern Web Testing with Playwright

by Andrew Knight

In this session, we will automate concise yet robust web app tests for a Kanban board web app with Playwright in TypeScript. After this session, you’ll be empowered to test modern web apps of any kind with modern web test tools. You’ll also be able to compare Playwright with other tools like Selenium WebDriver and Cypress.

Strategies for Testing GenAI Applications

by Navin & Jayachandran

This workshop is tailored for QA professionals and testers in the GenAI field. It will provide a comprehensive guide to using PromptTools and the RAGAs framework for robust testing methodologies. It will help in understanding testing needs for GenAI applications and skills to utilize PromptTools for prompt creation and validation.

Leveraging AI for Code Generation in Software Testing

by Sidharth Shukla

This session will start with Overview of Test Automation, an introduction to AI in Software Testing, and continue with the Importance of a Robust Test Automation Framework, AI’s Role in Framework Setup, Significance of Util Packages in Test Automation, we’ll also understand Traditional Util Package vs. AI-Enhanced Util Package, and AI-Powered Code Generation.

A Jumpstart for Web Security Testing

by Rahul Verma

This workshop explores how and why attacks like injection attacks work. It takes the participants through a practical demonstration of such malicious payload crafting. Rather than teaching them payloads that they can cram, it helps them build such payloads and then apply this knowledge to understand others.

The Testing Lab

by Ajay Balamurugadas

The fundamentals of software testing are rarely discussed in detail. As an industry, many of us are obsessed with automation and now, slowly with GenAI in Testing. A solid understanding of testing and a focus on testing skills helps any tester get the best out of various tools and techniques. 

This hands-on testing lab is designed to test you with many exercises throughout the software testing lifecycle. 

Mastering Distributed Load Testing

by Sandra John

This session will start with Understanding Load Testing, Tools, and Technologies with an Overview of popular distributed load testing tools – Apache JMeter and test Scenario Design to Discuss the importance of designing realistic test scenarios, Distributed Testing, Analyzing Test Results, Best Practices and Tips on distributed load testing, and Tips for optimizing tests and improving efficiency. 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Software Testers

by Dhairya Gangwani

With over 92% of the recruiters being present on LinkedIn looking for ideal candidates, it’s extremely important to have an optimized LinkedIn Profile in 2022. Whether you are a fresher, a working professional or a business owner, LinkedIn acts a digital portfolio beyond your Resume and helps companies dive deeper into your expertise, skills and journey.

Build Your Own Toolkit: Master Your Testing Universe

by Rahul Parwal

The workshop will start with an introduction to the concept of tools, and toolkits, and an exploration of the diversity of tools available to testers. This will be followed by how to research and collect these tools effectively, how to utilize available toolkits, and how to build your own toolkit, empowering participants to customize their toolsets according to their unique needs.

Approaching testing for common game features

by Chris Howell

This workshop explains the how we create test conditions for a sample of common game features and components, with a focus on what makes game features so unique. We’ll be stepping through a few areas unique to games, identifying common bug trends in those areas and the sources of information we might use to build tests from. 

Strategies to Become a Rockstar Tester

by Raj Subrameyer

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, achieving career growth requires more than just hard work—it demands a strategic approach. This conference session will delve into the intricacies of crafting a robust career growth strategy, emphasizing the importance of leading by strengths in the workplace. 

Accessibility Testing should not be Missed Out

by Laveena Ramchandani

How often have you heard that ‘Yes this is important, but we don’t have the capacity right now’ or ‘Sure let’s put it in the backlog’? This is something we should not brush off or take lightly. Accessibility testing is vital especially when your product is a user-facing application. We need to be socially aware as a team and build quality towards our product by making it more accessible. 

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Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

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Siddharth Shukla 1

Sidharth Shukla



Andrew Knight

Principal Architect at Cycle Labs


Ajay Balamurugadas

Senior Director - QE at GSPANN Technologies

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Sandra John

Software Performance Engineering Lead at ZS

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Raj Subrameyer

Career Coach at ChaiLatte Consulting

RV 2

Rahul Verma

Consultant and Coach at Trendig GmbH

DhairyA 1

Dhairya Gangwani

Founder & Career Coach at Dhairya Decodes


Rahul Parwal

Specialist at ifm Engineering

Kunal 1

Kunal Ashar

Senior QA

Chirs 1

Chris Howell

Lead QA Manager at Gram Games

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Navin Nair

Head of Enterprise Modernisation (IME) at Thoughtworks


Jayachandran Sivaraman

Lead QA Engineer at Thoughtworks

Laveena Ramchandani

Laveena Ramchandani

Quality Engineering Manager at easyJet


Mesut Durukal

QA Lead at Indeed.com

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Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

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Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

Free Cancellation till 5 days before the event

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Frequently Asked Questions

Worqference 2024 will have 13 live Workshops on 23rd, 24th and 25th February 2024.

Duration of the event would be up to 6-7 hours on all the three days. Session on Day 1 would be in IST morning hours and then in late evening hours. All this while we cover multiple time zones. You can, of course, select and attend only your favourite Workshops.

During the event duration(all three days), replay of all the completed sessions would be available by default to all the attendees. Post Event also you would be provided with Recording Access. 

Yes, session recordings will be shared with the registrants.

You can share the list of participants with First Name, Last name, Email address, Country, Organisation, Designation with us at  [email protected] and we will bulk register your teams after confirming on possible discount.

Event link and instructions will be shared with registered participants 3-4 days prior to the event.

Yes, You can cancel your ticket till 1st February 2024.