WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Sai Krishna

Lead Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Workshop Title: Automate mobile gestures using Appium



Gesture-driven devices changed the way we think about interactions. The success of mobile applications depends on how well the interactions are being implemented and in turn its user experience. Touch Actions were ruling the way we automate mobile gestures for quite a while. As of Appium 2.0, we are completely W3C compliant i.e. we have deprecated touch action in favor of Actions API from W3C specifications. In this workshop, we will take you through the ways in which you could automate mobile gestures with and without Appium Plugins.


  • Evolution of touch gestures

  • Intro to W3C Actions API

  • Non standard ways to automate gestures

  • Intro to Appium 2.0

  • Appium Gestures plugin

Speaker Bio


Sai Krishna works at ThoughtWorks as Lead Consultant with 8 Yrs  of experience. Over the course of his Career, he has worked on testing different mobile applications and building automation frameworks.

Active contributor to appium, taiko, selenium and also member of Appium organisation. Specialized in building automation frameworks. Also a speaker in various conferences including SeleniumConf, Appium, Belgrade Test conference, Committee member for Appium and Selenium Conf.

Sai Krishna love to contribute to open source technologies and am passionate about new ways of thinking.

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