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WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Rahul Parwal

Senior Software Engineer

Workshop Title: Influential Bug Reporting


Overview & Purpose:

The key goal of any bug reporter is to provide high-quality information, well written, to help stakeholders make wise decisions about which bugs to fix. Although most testers find and report bugs in their day-to-day work yet only a few are very good at it. This workshop is designed to help you be a Good Bug Advocate.

Principles Driving This Workshop:

  1. Bug Advocacy is a persuasive skill that requires thorough investigation, analysis, and clear reporting.
  2. Bug Investigation and Reporting Skills can be me made systematic and faster using suitable resources, oracles, heuristics, and tools.
  3. Bug Advocacy is one of the Core Foundational Skills for any tester who want to be good in this field.


Why someone should care about this Workshop:

  1. Become an influential tester of your project.
  2. Learn how to effectively convey risks and meaningful information using Clear & Credible Bug Reports.
  3. Learn how to use Tools, Oracles, Cheat sheets, & Other Resources to be good at advocating for bugs & quality.


Overview of Topics to be Covered:

  1. Basic Concepts: Explore “quality” and “bugs” in detail. Anatomy of a Bug Report.
  2. Persuasive Bug Reporting: Making People Want to Fix the Bug: Creating reports that clearly communicate bugs in their honest light so that decision-makers can make a quick wellinformed decision.
  3. The Content, Clarity, and Credibility of Good Bug Reports: How to structure reports in more useful and credible way for better decision-making by others.
  4. Tools & Tips: Tools & Tips to be more efficient at bug reporting.


Targeted Audience:

  1. Testers: Who deal with finding and reporting bugs in their day-to-day work.
  2. Leads & Managers: Who want to train their team to be good at bug advocacy.
  3. Developers: Who want to save their day-to-day time by guiding testers to provide them with clear and concise bug reports


Topic Wise Breakdown:

  1. Exercise to Understand Current Level of Attendees.
  2. Understanding key concepts (such as software error, quality, and the bug processing workflow).
  3. Scope of bug reporting (what to report as bugs, and what information to include).
  4. Reporting as per target stakeholders (Devs, Managers, etc.).
  5. Credible Bug reporting. (With Exercise).
  6. Bug investigation Skills (With Exercise).
  7. Structuring of well-written bug reports.
  8. Tools to help with Bug Reporting.

Speaker Bio


A Jaipurite with a B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering. Currently, working as a Senior Software Engineer at ifm engineering pvt. ltd., Pune. Worked on Software Development, Testing & Automation projects during the 3-year tenure with Capgemini.

Presently, involved in Industrial Automation, UI, API, and Mobile App Automation Testing projects at ifm engineering pvt. ltd. Adept at Automation Solutions, i.e., Selenium, Appium, WinAppDriver using C#, and Python.

A seeker at heart; love for Indian mythology and Cricket and connecting them with real-life situations give an edge both on professional and personal fronts. A firm believer of right education and an ardent advocate of open-source mentality. A great company to be with who will ensure that every conversation turns out to be as stimulating as a cup of hot coffee.

You can check out his latest ebook, “Ultimate Productivity Toolkit” at bit.ly/rpajtoolkit

Want to know more, Check out: about.me/parwalrahul

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