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WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Jess Ingrassellino

Engineering Manager

Workshop Title: The Ultimate Shift Left – Understand Unit Tests to Improve Product Quality


The responsibility for product quality often falls on software testers. Yet, software testers are often divorced or even excluded from conversations around the cheapest and easiest way to inject quality into the product and the entire software development life cycle, right from the beginning: robust unit test frameworks.

Sure, unit tests are the job of developers, and some developers and companies won’t even think about writing unit tests. So why should software testers know and be able to work with unit tests? As advocates for overall product quality, being able to analyze, discuss, and improve or ask for improvements in unit tests is one of the cheapest ways to advocate for product quality at the earliest stages in the software development process.

In this workshop, using an open source python repository, testers will learn:

  1. Why unit tests are important, and the typical problems in many unit-test frameworks
  2. How to find the unit tests in a code repository
  3. How to understand what unit testing library is used, by reading the code
  4. The main words to look for in unit tests in any language (x-unit testing frameworks) and what those words mean
  5. How to figure out what a unit test is doing
  6. The best questions to ask developers about unit tests
  7.  The best tests to add to the unit test framework so you don’t need to repeat efforts manually or in front-end automation
  8. How to lead the conversation when there is no or poor unit testing in your product

By the end of this hands-on workshop, testers will understand how to read source code, determine what tests are in the code, and work with developers and dev managers to help develop more robust unit testing frameworks and decrease manual and front-end test automation needs.

Speaker Bio


Jess Ingrassellino, EdD, is a leader in the software and education industries. She is currently a software engineer at Manifold.ai, and has a reputation for delivering excellent software, on deadline, to meet the critical needs of businesses small and large, worldwide.

In 2012, Jess launched TeachCode, and has since worked as an author (Python Projects for Kids, various articles), Python teacher, and Software Testing teacher. For two years she chaired the PyCon Education Summit, and has done work with educators and programmers worldwide to help bring high-quality curricula to the world’s students. A violin scholarship student at the University of Vermont, Jess started her career as a music teacher at the age of 18, and continues to weave her teaching knowledge into her daily life and work.

Receiving advanced academic research training in education (EdD, 2015, Columbia University, Music Education/Assessment), Jess has transformed the experiences from her teaching career into her technological career, focusing her continued technological work on community, collaboration, and improvisational practices for enriching professional life. A frequent speaker at international technical, testing, and education conferences, Jess has created courses including Differentiated Management and Company Testing Strategies. Jess’s key strength is her ability to dive into new subjects and understand both their depth and their breadth, seeing new and seemingly disparate connections among disciplines, leading to insightful and inventive practices that have been recognized by professional leaders in the engineering industry.

Jess enjoys playing violin and viola with regional orchestras, including the Massapequa Philharmonic and the Park Avenue Chamber Symphony.

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