WorQference 2022 - Esteemed Speaker

Anna Royzman

Founder of Test Masters Academy

Discover your REAL leadership potential, find your direction and take the next step


Whether you are a seasoned manager, a senior tester tasked with leading a team or a project, a prodigy that wants to get their career rolling, or simply someone who is serious about their professional development, you want to create a career that you are passionate about.

As your expertise grows, you are assigned a higher level of responsibility, and you are expected to demonstrate leadership in your daily work – in one way or another. That could be influencing, defining strategy, coaching or leading the team (whether your direct reports or your peers) in a new direction.

Also, your professional community is looking up to you – there are expectations to see you as a role model, a thought leader, a person who can share knowledge and teach others in the expertise they posess.

These new levels of responsibility sometimes leave you with questions: Am I doing the right thing? Am I really the expert people think I am? Do I possess the level of knowledge and skills that’s necessary to make right decisions? Am I applying my best in where I am or should I put my efforts elsewhere to achieve the career satisfaction I want and deserve?

This workshop is designed to help you identify your REAL strengths, take a close look at your leadership style, and equip you with the tools that will enable you to achieve your next career goals.


  • Discovering personal leadership style and traits
  • Identify career-related strategies for career progression or transition
  • Interaction to address career-related queries and challenges

Speaker Bio


Anna is a renowned international speaker and recognized expert in Software Test Leadership. In 2015, she founded Test Masters Academy which runs major international events: Test Leadership Congress, Test Masters Online, and ConTEST NYC, which made the list of the best global Software Testing conferences in 2018-2020. Anna held various test management roles for 14+ years, served as the Executive At Large on Association for Software Testing Board of Directors (2016-2017), as the President of AST Quality Leader SIG (2012-2014), and as the Software Test Professionals Community Advisory Board Member (2014 2015). Anna is the founder of several Test/QA meetups in New York.

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