Worqference 2023 - Sandeep Garg

Worqference 2023 - Sandeep Garg

'Worqference 2023' - Esteemed Instructor

Sandeep Garg

Sandeep Garg

Principal QA Architect at BridgeTree

Workshop Topic: Systematically start Web Load Testing using Apache JMeter(™)


Thinking, Building and Testing performance of a software product, from day one, essentially, is the entire software development team’s job. Isn’t it?

As a Smart and Thinking tester on this development team, would you not proactively communicate with the architects, developers, business people, and the customers to understand overall performance expectations under different usage (load) scenarios? Along with that, would you not go ahead and select / suggest an appropriate set of tools, to get the load testing and reporting done in a cost effective, reasonably quick and reliable manner?

In my estimate, you will.

This session is focused on learning load testing using a reliable, ever-evolving, open source and community supported tool, Apache JMeter(™).

Key Takeaways for you my friends?

Post this session you should be able to start your journey towards…

  • Thoughtful load test planning and load tests design
  • Systematically using Apache JMeter(™) elements to build and execute load injecting script(s)
  • Carefully deciding on what data to collect and what useful and actionable metrics to report to stakeholders.

Speaker Bio


Sandeep Garg works with Bridgetree as a Principal QA Architect. He continually improves himself and teams around self-awareness, empathy, integrity, courage, systems, context, domain understanding, communication, and culture.

He successfully led CMMi and agile (Agile) transformations for product companies like Fiserv and FIS in a senior test lead role while actively contributing to different PMO initiatives. In addition, Sandeep formed testing teams from scratch and set up production support and UAT teams.

The context-driven testing principles greatly influenced how he sees himself learning and performing software testing.

Sandeep is highly teachable and coachable. He loves to connect with people with an open mind and open heart.

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