Worqference 2023 - Rahul Parwal

'Worqference 2023' - Esteemed Instructor

Rahul Parwal

Rahul Parwal

Senior Software Engineer at ifm engineering

Workshop Topic: Requirement Gathering Phase-
How to add massive value and test beyond requirements


“Quality cannot be inspected into a product or service; it must be built into it.” Harold F. Dodge
Software solutions are built on the foundation of requirements. However, most explicit requirements are ambiguous, filled with gaps, and can lead to multiple interpretations. Exploring requirements is a powerful skill that can enable you to contribute towards quality from design.
In this workshop, you will learn how to explore requirements from a basic to an advanced level. Why is this workshop important:

  • Achieving a better product or test design is only possible when you have a better understanding of the problem to be solved.
  • If you don’t understand the problem statement well, most of your efforts could be end up wasted. Learn the art of adding and preserving value right from the requirement stage.
  • Requirement documents are not a requirement. They are just a map of your requirements. Good solutions come from understanding of the territory, and not just the map. This workshop is all about how to systematically explore any software territory.

Who is the targeted audience:

  • Testers: Who deal with incomplete, missing, ambiguous requirements in their day-to-day work.
  • Leads & Managers: Who want to train themselves for systematically exploring requirements and ensuring right design from start.
  • Developers: Who want to learn the art of exploring requirements and build right things from the start.


What will this workshop cover:

  • Basic Concepts: Explore “requirements” and their various forms in detail. Learn about Context Revealing Questions.
  • Quality at Design: How to start pre-testing requirements from the design phase. Learn about various requirement elicitation techniques. Competitor analysis, domain & product research, questioning, active reading, etc.
  •  Managing New Additions: How to cope with frequently introduced changes and addition to the requirements and scope. Improving odds of success.
  • Tools & Tips: Tools & Tips to be more efficient at exploring requirements.


Key takeaways

  • How to achieve a good test design by getting a well understanding of the problem to be solved. 
  • Become a value provider from the start.
  • Learn how to perform a systematic exploration and elicitation of requirements by using appropriate resources, modeling techniques, questioning kits and tools.
  • Requirement understanding and exploration are one of the fundamental skills for any software professional who wants to be good at their job.

Speaker Bio

Rahul Parwal is a Software Tester & Generalist. Presently, He works as a Senior Software Engineer with ifm engineering in India. Reading, learning, and practicing the craft of software testing is something Rahul enjoys doing.

His recent accolades include the ‘Jerry Weinberg Testing Excellence Award‘ under the ‘Rising star of the year’ (2021) Category from the “Tea-time with Testers” Magazine.

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