Worqference 2022 - Rajini Padmanaban - The Test Tribe

'Worqference 2022' - Esteemed Speaker​

Rajini Padmanaban

Sr. Vice President at QA InfoTech

Workshop Title: All About Digital Accessibility and its Testing Requirements



Digital Accessibility is no longer an afterthought. It has become an important facet in software design and engineering, given the rapid digital transformation that the world is witnessing. Also, it is no longer limited to just a specific accessibility group that is responsible in enabling digital inclusion. Right from business teams to developers to functional testers, everyone needs to be sensitized on what is accessibility and how to make it a reality in products built for end user consumption. Industry standards are easily available today for global consumption that define how to embrace digital accessibility in mobile and non-mobile worlds. This workshop will give the right first view into the world of accessibility where you will go back with an understanding of the varied guidelines of WCAG (one the leading global accessibility standards) along with test techniques, tools and practices.



  • What is and Why Accessibility?
  • Accessibility in Today’s Context
  • Types of Disabilities


  • WCAG2.0/2.1 Guidelines with Examples (2.2. is also around the corner)


  • Testing Process
  • Assistive Tools
  • Scope for Automation
  • VPAT


Speaker Bio

Rajini is a QA Evangelist and a regular Keynote, Tutorial, and Session Speaker at Global Conferences on Software Quality. She specializes in Technical Marketing with a focus on Test/QA Evangelism, Agile/SCRUM-based project management, and Technical Account Mining & Relationship Management.

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