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TribeQonf 2024 Speaker & TOPIC

Rahul Verma

Senior Consultant and Coach

Tribe 2024 Speaker & TOPIC

Pattern Thinking for Prompt Engineers: A Case Study in Test Design

by Rahul Verma, Senior Consultant and Coach



20+ Thought Leaders from India's Top Companies

Key Takeaways

What you’ll learn


Enhanced Problem-Solving with Pattern Recognition

Predict potential issues and develop robust solutions that are applicable across multiple scenarios.


Improved Consistency and Scalability in Test Design

Enhances the reliability of tests but also facilitates collaboration and standardized patterns provide a common language and approach.


Streamlining the Testing Process

Reducing redundancy and focusing on key patterns that cover a wide range of use cases

Session Outline

Pattern thinking is a natural human way of making sense of the world. We recognise patterns in problems to associate them with patterns in solutions. This idea is not to be confused with being confined to making use of named patterns identified by others. Away from the world of mnemonics and cheat sheets for prompt engineering, I explore basic anatomy of prompting in this talk.

Along the way, I discuss applied pattern thinking in prompt engineering so that you are not cramming patterns – you are creating them, you are engineering your own. I take Test Design as a case study, but in large parts, the talk is applicable to anyone interested in prompt engineering.

Key TakeAways:

  • Pattern Testing 
  • Role of observability and distributed tracing in testing

More about our speaker

Rahul Verma is an awarded thought leader for his contributions to the testing community. He is a Senior Coach and Consultant with trendig technology services gmbh. He is the creator of Arjuna – a free, open-source Python based modern test automation framework. He is a contributing author and reviewer for various certification bodies including Artificial Intelligence United, Selenium United, ISTQB and CMAP. His software testing experience includes using LLMs for test design and reviews, building test automation frameworks in Python and Java, web security, white box testing and web performance testing. His research work focuses on object oriented design patterns as applied to test automation and extending them into general purpose models. He has presented, published articles and educated thousands of testers in the said areas. His testing ideas and work are deeply influenced by his deep interest in poetry and spirituality.

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Click to know more about Rahul Verma's session at QonfX 2024

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