Burp Suite Demonstration

In this round up post, Gaurav Narawani gives us a glimpse on the Burp Suite.

When a request is sent from a browser, it goes through a series of steps before it comes back to the browser.

Burp suite can be used to modify the request being sent and capture the response received.

Also one can analyze the requests coming from the server.

Sounds interesting? Do check out the video below:


About Tools and Testers:

Tools and Testers is an initiative by The Test Tribe to give testers a glimpse of the tools that are of help in carrying out testing activities, not necessarily in the likes of automation tools.

On this thought, its helps burst the myth that ‘”Manual Testers” do not use any tools, as we believe – Tools doesn’t mean only Selenium, Eclipse and JMeter rather all software which helps us in our task.

This is more of a knowledge sharing with the fellow tribes.

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