The Test Tribe 1st Goa Meetup
27th May | Saturday | 10:30 AM IST

Learn about UI Automation using Selenium

The Test Tribe 1st Goa Meetup
DATE: 27th May 2023
TIME:  10:30 AM- 1 PM IST

Meetup Begins in


Session Title: UI Automation using Selenium - Basics and Hands-on

Selenium is a popular open-source testing suite for automating web UI (User Interface) testing. It enables users to control web browsers using test scripts, making web testing a more efficient and automated process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand Selenium Webdriver
  • Hands-on installation
  • Learn how to use Selenium Webdriver to automate web testing by controlling browsers with Java-based scripts.

About Speaker

Naguesh Pradeep Verlekar

Naguesh Pradeep Verlekar

Software Engineer at Persistent Systems

Session 2
Use of Liberating structures in Software testing

The talk will cover 4 liberating structures which will be useful in generating test ideas, and reporting bugs efficiently. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Introduce the audience to liberating structures

  • Give ideas on how to use the liberating structures

  • Discussion on real examples from the audience 

About Speaker

Ashwin Kumar Shanmugam

Ashwin Kumar S

QA architect at Bridgetree

Ashwin is a learner of testing for the past 11+ years. He has experience across health care, mortgage, and retail domains. He currently works as a QA architect at Bridgetree.

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That’s it? No. We Got Many More Remarkable Opportunities:

  • To meet like-minded people
  • Conversations with other testers
  • Discussion on impressive testing tools & topics
  • Talking about the challenges facing as a testers
  • Quick chat opportunity, where one can speak out about testing for 100 seconds 
  • Chat over some quick bites with a cup of coffee/tea.

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