24th September | Saturday | 10:30 AM IST

16th Bangalore Meetup

16th Bangalore Meetup
Last 3 seats available!
DATE:  24th September 2022
TIME:  10:30 AM- 1 PM IST
VENUE:  UrbanVault HSR Layout 1781

Meetup Begins in


Session 1
CQ (Continuous Quality) - building on top of CI/CD

In this session, Rohan Bajaj is going to talk about Agile/DevOps testing, CQ (Continuous Quality) – building on top of CI/CD, and Invert the Pyramid testing.

You can also network with him to understand how to invest in early-stage startups and how to raise money on startups.

About Speaker

Rohan Bajaj, QA Lead/ QA Manager | Angel Investor

Rohan Bajaj is a passionate Engineering Leader with 10+ years of experience in the e-commerce and cloud SaaS industry in Bangalore and Berlin (startup hub of EMEA). He enjoys joining startups at an early stage and helping them grow and scale. He was part of the early team at Flipkart and saw its customers grow from a few hundred users to millions of users. He worked as Tech lead cum Manager at Quikr and managed the Mobile App Engineering teams – Android and iOS at Quikr. He has also led and managed teams in US-based Enterprise SaaS firms Nutanix and Clumio and holds a keen interest in the FinTech space as well.

He has an active interest in Angel investment in early-stage startups that have long-term potential to become scalable solutions for problems of massive impact. He has invested in 20+ Startups across US, India, and EMEA with some of them already sitting at 30X of their original valuation and primed to grow much more. Rohan is currently leading the SDET team at Paradigm – a US-based FinTech startup into crypto and blockchain.

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Session 2
Be the Neo!

In this talk, I would like to share 2 of my many favorite things – The Matrix and Testing Mindset! Everyone was mesmerized when they saw The Matrix when it came out in 1999 first, a movie WAYYY ahead of its time, as good as built-in an alternate reality. In this talk, I will be walking you through the characteristics of Neo and how we can inculcate it in our daily life of testing and become the Neo of Software Testing. I will also be covering one of very less talked about but very effective methods of molding a testing mindset – Model-Based Testing P.S.: I will be throwing a lot of Matrix trivia in the talk, I would advise watching the film prior to the meetup.

About Speaker

Gunesh P., Lead Automation Test Engineer at Ushur

An avid movie lover and a firm believer in mindset-driven testing. With 11+ years of test automation experience under his belt, Gunesh currently drives test automation at a CX Automation start-up. With a proven track record of introducing new ways of working; Gunesh is always hunting for new ways of testing, challenging the norms, and pursuing continuous improvement. I also go by the name ‘Liberated Tester’ on LinkedIn and Instagram, podcast coming soon.

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Apart from the above items, it would be an amazing opportunity for you to:

  • Meet like-minded people
  • Network with other Testers
  • Discuss some cool Testing Ideas/Things
  • Ponder our thoughts on a few challenges we see as a Testers
  • We can have Quick Talks too. Yes, the platform will be set, you may just want to Stand up and Deliver a 100 Seconds talk about anything around Testing.
  • Chat over some quick bites and a cup of Coffee or Tea.
In just 100/- Rs.

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