The Test Tribe 12th Meetup | Powered by The Test Tribe
10th December |  Saturday | 11:00 AM IST

12th Virtual Meetup

The Test Tribe 12th Virtual Meetup

Date: 10th December

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM IST

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Session #1: API Testing got Real

APIs are very common in the daily world today. Have a quick look at your phone – the weather app calls an API to show you the temperature of your current city, the log-in page on your Twitter account uses the same to return the correct account, and Instagram bots use this technology to add attractive and relevant comments, etc. Here, the sky is literally the limit because even companies like NASA use APIs, for example, to detect the location of objects in space! In general, APIs increase efficiency by allowing quick access to data that can be shared easily. Because customers are getting more and more dependent on this architecture, it’s important for us to understand what APIs are? how effectively can we maintain these APIs, there comes the topic of Testing these APIs.

Just like any other type of testing, API Testing allows us to find critical bugs before the system goes live. Apart from that, there are several specific particularities of API testing – this process helps to ensure that performance, functionality, security, and reliability of software meet expectations – in other words, that the server (API) is able to serve several visitors simultaneously, return to the client, bring the exact response that was hit on the browser and so on. If this testing wasn’t performed then consequently, ineffective APIs can result in integration difficulties, poor software quality, user frustration, and revenue losses. 

Postman is an API client that makes it easy to create, share, test and document APIs. Postman is very convenient when it comes to executing APIs. Postman is preferred due to its handy and simplified features. Many would be familiar with the POSTMAN tool as such but might not have a clear understanding on its testing essentials, so in this session we will try to uncover the TESTING space in POSTMAN. Topics to be covered are below:

– Know about APIs and API Testing

– Exploring the Workspace

– Get to know about sending requests and viewing responses

– Getting started with some test code, and pre-built Snippets

– End to End testing in Postman with some highlights on Mocking

– Running tests with Postman CLI

– API Contract Testing in Postman

– Basic GRPC testing in Postman

So let’s learn API Testing with POSTMAN together.

Key Takeaways:

You will understand the following – 

  • Know about the Test Scripting in POSTMAN
  • Know how the usages of connecting your workflows – End to End Testing
  • Know the capabilities of running tests with Postman CLI
  • Understand the API Contract, GRPC Testing in POSTMAN

About Speaker:

Jency Stella, Lead QA Engineer at Billennium

Jency is an Ardent Software Tester and has been investigating the line between Software and Testing for the past 9+years. Her love affair with ‘Software Testing’ began years ago, starting from an ‘ETL Test Engineer’ to currently ‘Lead QA Engineer’ in the role of a passionate ‘API Tester’ at “”Billennium IT Services (M) SDN. BHD.””, Malaysia. 

She loves to spend time exploring the concepts and interesting facts about Software Testing. She is fond of sharing her experiences by blogging and participating in tech communities. Jency is an ISTQB Certified Tester. 

Other interesting facts about Jency – MOM of a 4 year old Superhero | Certified Mentor | Community Contributor | Occasional YouTuber(Entertainment).


Session #2: DevTestOps Manifesto - Accelerate Testing The Agile Way

Setting up a Test Center of Excellence(TCoE) within any organization has always seen certain challenges, either from an implementation or a business standpoint. Moreover, testing processes haven’t been able to keep pace with the rapid advances in Software Development. Hence, the need arose to promote and expand the role of Test Automation in the Test CoE.

Application teams need to made accountable for code development, testing as well as deployment, which would make decentralized testing a success. Additionally, defining appropriate coding standards and best practices, mentoring teams, and identifying the right set of tools & resources would help in timely delivery of top-quality software. Thus, the first immediate step would be to establish a scalable test automation framework, that would help integrate & support all forms of testing.

DevTestOps is a combination of DevOps and Continuous Testing. It ensures that not only does the product being developed is delivered at the expected time-to-market with a good UX, but also that it has optimal test coverage.

Most importantly, in order to kickstart DevTestOps – everyone must be aligned and have a complete understanding that testing needs to be performed throughout the entire workflow. 

So, as part of this session, you would learn more about the role of DevTestOps and how to approach testing software with an Agile mindset!

Key Takeaways:

  • DevTestOps is built upon continuous integration, delivery, testing, and feedback
  • Just because you can Test and Automate everything doesn’t imply that you should be doing so
  • Test in tandem with the team rather than testing in siloes
  • Embrace all testing activities over only automated functional testing

About Speaker:

Siddhant Wadhwani, Project Lead – SDET Manager at Newfold Digital India

Siddhant Wadhwani is a versatile, self-directed leader with over 7 years of professional work experience in the IT industry. Currently, he is working as a Project Lead – SDET Manager at Newfold Digital, managing SDETs across several teams within APAC Engineering, while mainly focusing on Test Execution & Automation Excellence. He has played a key role in forming the basis of test management and automation best practices within a couple of projects, and is working closely with his team now to extend those learnings across the org. 

Right from design discussions to architecture reviews, shift-left testing to in-sprint automation, adhering to code review guidelines and having a focus on non-functional areas of testing, Siddhant simply leads the way to set the best quality standards!

Siddhant has been recognized as a BrowserStack Champion, and is an active speaker at various conferences & events, mostly in association with BrowserStack and The Test Tribe Community. 

Above all, in his spare time, Siddhant loves to attend tech conferences on latest cutting-edge technologies and network with like-minded individuals. He’s also very fond of playing badminton and table-tennis. The best way to reach out to him would be via LinkedIn or his personal website : click here

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