12th November |  Saturday | 11:00 AM IST

11th Virtual Meetup

Date: 12th November

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM IST

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Session #1: Top 10 life skills recommended by WHO and how testers can use them.

The talk is about the top 10 life skills recommended by WHO and how they apply to a tester or a testing manager. The top 10 skills are —> Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Self Awareness, Empathy, Interpersonal Relationship, Communication skills, Stress Management, and Emotion management. The session will talk about how these life skills can be used to become a good tester.

About Speaker:
Sanath Kumar Rajagopal, Testing Consultant 

“25 Years of testing experience including the last decade spent leading quality engineering teams at Amazon, Tesco, Exxat”. This speaker has tested more than a million lines of code and has logged more than a billion defects; He has written a trillion test cases and has coached his peers to log more than a quadrillion bugs; He has participated in Quintillion meetings and been through sextillion arguments. This author has listened to septillion testing talks; every day, he has Octillion thoughts that come to his mind on the problems that plague the world of software testing. He has selected Nonillion testers from his Decillion testing interviews and has unsuccessfully attempted to coach Undecillion testers about testing. DuoDecillion readers follow his writings and the comments on his blog are more than Tredecillion; he has answered Quattuordecillion questions on testing in various forums. And by the way, like the monthly columns, the above contains Quindecillion amounts of exaggeration on what he has done so far in life.

Session #2: Google lighthouse automation with selenium

The talk is about how to use Google lighthouse features to evaluate the web performance score based on Google standards. Just not stopping with that, in the fast spaced Devops world, we have also implemented the CICD pipelines for lighthouse using selenium Automation and Gitlab. This session will help you to understand the technical implementation of pipelines with the latest tech stack and evaluate the UI performance of Mobile and Website applications.

About Speaker:
Ganesh Padmanaban, Performance Engineer at ALTERSIS

Ganesh Padmanaban is a part of ‘Senior Performance Consultant’ practice in Altersis Performance. The last 13 years he has supported major performance initiatives for UK, EU and US based Leading Banks in different roles including performance tester, performance analyst and worked on various technologies like Digital Touch points, Blockchain, RPA, Accessibility, Security testing. He speaks, writes and do coaching about performance engineering , SRE and learns new technologies every year based on market trends. He is currently working in Switzerland

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