NOIDA | 19th January, 2019


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Event Schedule

1:30 PM to 7:30 PM on 19th January, 2019 | Noida

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Venue Details

91springboard Noida Sector 1

C2, Sector 1, Block C, Sector 1, 

Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to carry Laptop?
Answer: Yes, please carry a laptop and a Mobile phone(both android and iOS apps will be there for testing, so you can bring either or both as available) for Mobile Apps. Carry chargers as well.


2. Any other prerequisites?
Answer: Data Dongle(optional, internet at Venue is available)

3. Directions to the Venue?

4. Snacks will be provided by the Organizer?
Answer: Snacks will be provided around 7 PM. Tea/Coffee is available for free. Venue canteen is accessible for anything else.

5. I have few queries, how do I contact organizer/speaker?
Answer: Please email at [email protected]

6. Can we participate in group?

Answer: Yes. You can register and participate as a group of two.

About 'The Test Tribe'

The Test Tribe is proudly India’s Fastest Growing Testing Community formed by bunch of passionate Software Testers, united for a cause. Cause which includes bringing the Testing community together in this part of the World. We believe nothing can replace the learning earned through networking with others, through sharing your experiences/knowledge with others and vice verca. And that exactly is our Motto. ‘Collaborate. Learn. Grow.’

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Collaborate. Learn. Grow.


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