Sharon O’Boyle, Software Tester at IBM Security Division

Topic – Hardware and Software Testing – A Bird’s-eye View


I will be sharing my experience of working as a hardware test engineer and how it compares to being a software tester, talking about what is hardware testing, a day in the life of a hardware tester, some similarities and differences between the roles.

Top Takeaways:

  • What is hardware testing?

  • What are some similarities and differences with software testing.

Speaker Bio

Sharon has been working for the past seven years as a Software Tester at IBM. She is passionate about testing and quality, and loves continuous learning, developing her skills and expanding her knowledge.

Sharon’s background is in electronic engineering and prior to coming into software testing she worked as a microchip failure analysis engineer and hardware systems test engineer in both Digital Scotland and EMC Cork.

Apart from work and career Sharon has also travelled a lot and loves going off the beaten track to explore and experience new places and cultures. 

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