TestFlix 2023 - Gold Sponsor Reflect.run

TestFlix 2023 – Reflect.run

Gold Sponsor


Reflect is an AI-assisted test automation platform for web applications. Companies like Scale AI and Monday.com use Reflect to build robust test suites that aren’t a pain to maintain. Using Reflect, testers have the ability to express tests using either record-and-playback, JavaScript-based code steps, or text prompts a la ChatGPT. Key differentiators are:
  • Best-in-class accuracy.
  • An intuitive user interface that you’ll actually enjoy using.
  • Minimizes flaky tests via AI-assisted targeting instead of conventional selectors/locators.
  • Enables codeless tests to have the same expressivity of code-based tests by allowing the user to express what actions to take in plain English. 

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