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TestFlix Global Software Testing Binge Luke Liu

Luke LIU, Senior Consultant at ‘Assurity Consulting’

Topic – Make the testing community a better place


My talk covers three main areas:
First, explore one of the biggest myth in the testing world today “we do not need testers because everyone can test”
Followed by explaining my vision of a future testing world that I dream of.
Last but not least, share some of my ideas about how we may reach this desired future state of the testing world.”

Top Takeaways:

Speaker Bio

I’m an independent consultant in testing based in Wellington, New Zealand.

I’m a young pupil in the testing world who is passionate about leverage testing to add values to businesses, help organisations to achieve their goals.

I believe in “better never stops”. I keep asking questions about things related and affecting testing with the aim to explore new ways of working in the testing world.

I am committed to leaving the testing world a better place than I found it by sharing testing stories from a tester’s perspective.

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