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Lee Hawkins

Lee Hawkins, Testing Consultant

Topic – Testing Is (Still) Not Dead


I will discuss why the “testing is not dead” message arises so frequently in our industry, then explain what testing really is to counter this repeated claim. I will also briefly look at where automation fits into my view of testing.

This talk is (obviously!) a very short treatment of this topic, but will hopefully provide some background for newer testers as well as ammunition for responding to this claim in the future.

Top Takeaways:

  • Testing is a deeply human-centred activity that helps us to work out whether the software we’ve built is the software we wanted
  • Testing is not dead!

Speaker Bio

“In the IT industry since 1996 in both development and testing roles, Lee has spent most of his career helping Quest Software teams across the world to improve the way they build, test and deliver software.

Lee considers that his testing career really started in 2007 after attending Rapid Software Testing with Michael Bolton.

Lee was the co-founder of the TEAM meetup group in Melbourne and co-organized the Australian Testing Days 2016 conference. He was the Program Chair for the CASTx18 testing conference in Melbourne and also co-organized Testing in Context Conference Australia 2019.

He is a co-founder of the EPIC TestAbility Academy, a software testing training programme for young adults on the autism spectrum.

He is a frequent speaker at international testing conferences and blogs on testing at Rockin’ And Testing All Over The World (https://therockertester.wordpress.com). When not testing, Lee is an avid follower of the UK rock band, Status Quo; hence his Twitter handle @therockertester.”

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