Irja Straus

Irja Straus, Senior Quality Control Analyst at Infobip

Topic – Becoming Heard As A Tester


Almost every tester experienced the frustration of not being heard. That can manifest with testing trivialized as an activity or testers not being provided with needed information or asked for feedback. That yields frustration, and frustration can make us think about what we can do to change that and gain influence as testers? In this talk, Irja will share how to embrace leadership skills in testing and make them workable in the context of work.

Top Takeaway:

  • The audience will learn how leadership skills apply and help to test and how it’s essential to make an effort to gain one within the company.

Speaker Bio

After her adventure in product management, Irja has gone back to her first love – Testing. She’s currently a Senior Quality Control Analyst in Infobip.
She likes to learn the human and business side of software, experiment with products to investigate risks, and advocate problems and improvements that matter. Software testing is what she loves to do, and she never wrote the same test strategy twice in her 10-year career.

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