Asmaa Refat Abu Al Failat

Asmaa Failat, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at 10TEN

Topic – QA in an Agile environment


QA in Agile environment is completely different from traditional Waterfall. In this talk, main differences and the changes to note on testing in Agile environment are discussed.

Top Takeaways:

  • Key challenges in Testing in Agile environment

Speaker Bio

Asma’a Refat Abu Al Failat, Business information system, Senior quality assurance, 7-8 year of experience in the field for multiple companies based on Jordan and Dubai, As a skilled and highly educated professional with 7 years of experience testing both Web-based applications and mobile, I am confident of my ability to make a significant contribution to your organization.

I feel that my experience and educational background have adequately prepared me to complete all tasks associated with this position and I am enclosing my resume for consideration.

I have served as a software tester, senior software testing engineer and Software QA during my 7-year career in this field. I bring extensive knowledge of quality assurance processes, software engineering practices and the software development cycle and am familiar with common ‘bugs’ and issues that need to be addressed in this cycle. I am adept at using both manual and automated
testing systems. 

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