TestFlix 2023 - Bronze Sponsor AlgoShack

TestFlix 2023 – AlgoShack

Bronze Sponsor


In today’s digital economy, software companies face the challenge of rapid product evolution. Balancing speed-to-market, quality, and cost-effectiveness becomes paramount. This is where algoQA from Algoshack Technologies steps in. algoQA, an agile platform, revolutionizes software quality engineering by introducing a design-first approach. We’ve reimagined testing with algoQA—a low-code, no-code platform that automates test case and script generation, allowing playback in the technology of your choice. Our solution liberates you from automation platform constraints, fostering innovation and efficiency.

The versatile platform is technology agnostic, covering Web, Desktop, Mobile & Hybrid Applications, Robotic Process Automation, and Embedded technologies. It empowers UI, API, and Load Test Automation, producing Gherkin language-based test cases, datasets, and executable scripts. This platform adapts scripts to various technologies, eliminating lock-in through Drag & Drop & Wizards-based profiling. The scripts produced can be executed anywhere.
We proudly serve a diverse range of industries, including Retail/eCommerce, Healthcare/Medical Devices, Fintech, Banking and Insurance tech, Logistics, Gaming, and Project Management. Our solution isn’t just about testing—it’s about powering your progress.

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