TestFlix 2023 - Vishal Parmar

'TestFlix 2023' - Esteemed Speaker


Vishal Parmar

Automation and Customer Delivery Lead at Paul Mason Consulting

Atomic Talk Title: API Performance Testing


Now a days, testing is not limited to functional testing of the application under test. We’ve took steps for granulized version of Testing, API Testing. API Testing is the booming entity in IT Profession since couple of years now. Either current delivery team is owning the entire product/solution/service or e\with current market of involvement of third-party vendors, where FrontEnd is being developed by one company, Backend is being developed by second company, Frontend testing is being performed by third company, Backend Testing being carried out by fourth company and the list goes on. Early Validation of Functionality is achievable with API Testing and as it is one of the core part of Deliverables, we should validate Performance of APIs as well.

As a result of that and aiming for continuous improvement, it is need of the hour to perform API Testing both Functionally and from Performance Perspectives. In this topic, I am envisaging to share knowledge of API Performance testing in the form of a workshop where in Technicality and Hands-on experience will be combined.

Talk Takeaways

  • What is API Testing
  • Why API Testing: Real Example of need of the API Testing
  • Importance of API’s Performance Testing
  • Hands-on experience for API Performance testing with Artillary.io

Speaker Bio


I, Vishal Parmar, am a person exploring different verticals of IT Profession. I entered the IT world in 2015, just after pursuing bachelor’s degree in engineering, and it has been a marvelous journey to say the least. I started as a System Engineer Trainee in Infosys – Mysore in May’ 2015 and was part of Infosys till Dec’ 2018 – Journey started with System Engineer Trainee and completed as Test Analyst. Since Dec’ 2018, I’ve been in Paul Mason Consulting Ltd. and as of now I’m holding responsibilities of Automation & Customer Delivery Lead.

I’m majorly invested in six verticals of IT Profession. One: Functional Testing. Two: Automation Engineering – Creation, Enhancement and Upgradation of Frameworks. Three: Performance Engineering – Similar to Automation, Creation, Enhancement and Upgradation of Frameworks, Four: Documentation and/or Strategical Approach – Part of the team wherein we create best fit strategical approach for problem statements, Five: Mentor/ Guide and Six: Customer Delivery Lead, wherein major of the responsibilities is to align bring in new clients, consultation for the deliverables to the client and delivery team and the driving force to ensure better solutions are delivered on consistent basis.

I’ve got my hands dirty with various kind of frameworks and the world around it. One: Web Automation – Selenium, Protractor, Cypress, WebDriverIO. Two: API Automation – Postman-Newman, Supertest, RestAssured. Three: Mobile Automation – Appium, Cypress. Four: Performance Vertical – JMeter, Flood.io, Artillery. Five: Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Gitlab CI. I’ve got firm grip on three programming languages: Java, JavaScript and Python

I’m a person who is research driven and heavily invested towards approach. Always keen to better the current state of situation and make sure current solution is THE better version of it’s previous one. Firm believer of “Quality over Quantity”!

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