TestFlix 2022 - Vikas Mittal

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Vikas Mittal

Test Evangelist

Atomic Talk Title: Metaverse – It’s the other me, so I need to be sure it’s alright

“The metaverse (or just “metaverse”), in today’s context, is a shorthand for virtual worlds, where users can interact with each other and engage with apps and services in a far more immersive way. The term “metaverse” first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash, where it described a virtual reality world.

Metaverse allows organizations, individuals, and governments to interact with each other using a digital avatar and landscape which makes use of technologies like blockchain, AR/VR, and digital currency. This makes ensuring a safe, scalable, and reliable environment to operate even more important which increases the need to have an effective and more forward-looking test strategy.

Testing for apps built for Metaverse will require ensuring the security of information shared, the performance of the application to provide users an experience as real as meeting someone outside the virtual world but at the same time “ensuring the user can use the applications on any device. “

Talk Takeaways

  • Metaverse: Is it real and will it last?
  • Why does the other me need more validation?
  • How can I create an effective test strategy for Metaverse? 

Speaker Bio


Vikas Mittal is a Testing Evangelist, Keynote Speaker, Forbes Technology Council, and Browserstack Champion.

An IIT Delhi alumnus working in software engineering for the last 2 decades. His focus area includes the development of automation solutions for the Software Testing Lifecycle and DevOps using the latest technological innovations in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. His expertise in architecture, design and implementation of test automation frameworks and solutions enables him to serve high-end customers well.

In the last 8 years being responsible as head of testing for 3 different organizations, Vikas has hired and mentored 2000+ testing professionals. Working with global fortune 100 customers has also uniquely helped Vikas to look at technology closely and how leaders are thinking about using it in the future.

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