TestFlix 2022 - Sujith Sukumaran

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Sujith Sukumaran

Manager, Quality Engineering at Testlio

Atomic Talk Title: AWS for Testing – Top 3 Use cases

Is AWS meant for Testers? Is there any value we get from learning AWS?
A lot of us still ask this question.

The answer is Yes, for 3 reasons.

1. Cloud migration is happening at an all-time high. With more integration with the Cloud and the rise of Cloud-native applications, understanding how Cloud works is becoming more and more important for every one in the Software industry.
2. While we learn Cloud, we also understand how a System works, functional and non-functional aspects of it, which will definitely make us better Quality Engineers.
3. Cloud, especially AWS gives us a lot of services which helps us scale our Automation tests in a never before seen way.

Here we will explore the 3 most popular testing use cases for AWS.

1. Application testing using AWS Device Farm – We can do our desktop and mobile application testing on selected real devices using AWS Device Farm. There is no upfront cost or licensing cost. We just pay for the testing we do.
2. Chaos tests using AWS Fault Injection Simulator – Chaos Engineering is a practice which is fast catching up and we will soon see them sitting on our CI/CD pipelines. It helps us inject controlled failures at the resource level, application level etc. FIS helps add tests which
are like icing on top of our Performance tests.
3. Distributed testing at Scale using EKS or Fargate – Gone are the days we used to test parallel in our lab machines. We can now easily run our Selenium Grid tests or JMeter tests on EKS or Fargate very easily.

I will talk about the value of these three in a little more detail using architecture diagrams and references. See you at Testflix 2022!

Talk Takeaways

  •  Understand what value Testers get with knowledge of Cloud.
  • Understand which AWS Services which can be used for popular Testing Use cases.
  • Know what resources and references to look for to explore further.

Speaker Bio

Sujith Sukumaran is a Senior Test Consultant with 14 years of experience practicing and preaching Testing, Quality, Automation, etc. It involves anchoring and executing Functional and Non Functional testing demands of high-traffic complex products across platforms and domains. He is passionate about doing Engineering leadership with a unique combination of Quality, Test Automation, Agile, Cloud, DevOps skills. The present phase of his career is more as an enabler, mentor, coach for technology teams. He is also an AWS Community Builder and Speaker.

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