TestFlix 2022 - Suhas Motwani - The Test Tribe

TestFlix 2022 - Suhas Motwani

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Suhas Motwani

Co-Founder at The Product Folks

Atomic Talk Title: Community Led Growth

Let’s be honest: Communities have been a rage in the recent past. Pandemic fueled or not, is this a fad or here to stay?
Communities are a powerful driver of growth. That’s why almost 70% of companies with communities say they will be investing in them further this year.
Whether you’re a founder, product manager, or developer this session will help you dig deeper into the world of community-led growth and why it’s THE most important thing you should be looking at today.

Talk Takeaways

  • What is community-led growth?
  • Product Led Growth vs Sales led Growth vs Community Led Growth.
  • When should you consider building a community?
  • Building a CLG strategy – the right way.
  • Examples from around the world.

Speaker Bio

Suhas Motwani is the co-founder of The Product Folks (@TheProductFolks) – India’s largest and most engaged community of product professionals & and The Product House (@0xTPH) – one of India’s fastest-growing web3 communities.

He moved back recently from Europe where he was with PepsiCo, building out internal tools on their Finance and Innovation team. Hit him up in case you’re building/need help with anything at the intersection of product x community x web3.

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