TestFlix 2022 - Sowmya sridharamurthy

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Sowmya sridharamurthy

SDET manager at Lytho

Atomic Talk Title: Spoilt by choices or driven by myth?

I Am about to take you on a walk along the QA career path. oftentimes we get to hear QA role stagnated after certain years of experience , but is this true? Or is it just a myth?. Like many roles in IT industry , QA’s also have an organic and inorganic career progression. The most interesting ones are the lateral shifts. What are these lateral shift? Is it available for everyone ? Who should be doing this shift and when? Let’s not forget the financial impact of these shifts as well . Let’s take a Pitstop at branch out strategy fuelling your appetite for risk living by the mantra “leader with no title”. Would you like to join me through this journey?

Talk Takeaways

  • Organic v/s inorganic career progression
  • Lateral shifts and financial impacts
  • Skill demands for lateral shifts
  • Geographical impacts for career progression
  • Branch out strategy 

Speaker Bio

Sowmya sridharamurthy is SDET Manager at Lytho and based out of Amsterdam. She is a seasoned product quality leader with deep experience handling quality delivery for various software solutions- ERP, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, SAAS products, Microservices . She has a proven track record of successful product migrations and legacy system enhancements with less disruptions. Being an accessibility advocate Sowmya mentors development teams to adapt inclusive development as part of their usual development cycle. She believes in technology driven solutions and hence drives test team in achieving better ROI from their automation.

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