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TestFlix 2022 - Seema Prabhu

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Seema Prabhu

Head of QA at MotorK

Atomic Talk Title: Tear down the QA wall

An important factor for determining a team’s success – more than talent, knowledge or innovation- is the health of the team. We spend a lot of time on smart solutions relating to strategy, technology and process and often, building healthy teams is neglected. Some signs of an unhealthy team are; confusion, low turn over, reduced productivity and low morale among team members. In testing, this is often seen when “stuff is tossed over the wall”.

In this session, we will learn about steps we can take to tear down the “invisible” wall and move towards healthy test teams.

Talk Takeaways

  • Understand behaviours and signs that indicate the health of a team.
  • Steps we can take to tear down the invisible wall and improve the health of the team.

Speaker Bio

Seema Prabhu is Head of QA at MotorK where she is responsible for setting up the team and QA strategy across the organisation. She has been a software test professional for more than 17 years with a wealth of experience in testing, and Agile transformation projects. Her focus is on leadership, establishing sustainable processes, building high performance teams, coaching and mentoring teams and individuals. She is a Certified Agile Coach and mentor.

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