Paul Grizzaffi - "I’m a Tester, Not A Programmer" TestFlix 2022

TestFlix 2022 - Paul Grizzaffi

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Paul Grizzaffi

QE Automation Architect

Atomic Talk Title: @#%!, Jim…I’m a Tester, Not A Programmer

The common automation of late include statements such as “automation is code” and “automation is programming”. I’ve said them; I even believe them. So that means you need a computer science degree or years of programming experience to develop and use automation, right?
If we abandon the traditional notion of test automation, most of us have automation capabilities at our fingertips that can help us with testing, but we don’t always know it because no one ever explained it to us in that context. This talk will help with that.
During this session, we’ll walk through an example of using some text processing command line commands, see how they can be useful, and give an overview of additional commands that can come in handy.

Talk Takeaways

  • You don’t need to have programming experience to take advantage of automation.
  •  Automation doesn’t have to come from test cases.
  •  Different ways of participating in automation without having to program.
  •  The command line is your friend and has many text processing tools to help with testing.
  •  Some examples of command line scripting.

Speaker Bio

As a QE Automation Architect at Cognizant Softvision, Paul Grizzaffi is following his passion for providing technology solutions to testing, QE, and QA organizations, including automation assessments, implementations, and through activities benefiting the broader testing community. An accomplished keynote speaker, international conference speaker, and writer, Paul has spoken at local and national conferences and meetings. He is an advisor to STPCon as well as a member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Advanced Research Center for Software Testing and Quality Assurance (STQA) at UT Dallas where he is a frequent guest lecturer. In addition to spending time with his twins, Paul enjoys sharing his experiences and learning from other testing professionals; his mostly cogent thoughts can be read on his blog at

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