MAHESH M. - Atomic Talk On Are companies chasing a quality mirage in the era of cloud, devops, SaaS & others - TF 2022

TestFlix 2022 - Mahesh Mallikarjunaiah

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Mahesh Mallikarjunaiah

Engineering Leader

Atomic Talk Title: Are companies chasing a quality mirage in the era of cloud, DevOps, SaaS & others?

Our testing strategy is going to catch 1000 critical bugs, reduce testing time by 1000x.

 In the race towards becoming a cloud-first, SaaS-first, companies are racing towards a mirage that
is far from reality. They think they have testing meticulously planned, they think they have the right people,
they believe the quality is well planned, they think testing doesn’t need experts and they could be the best decision-makers pertaining to quality.

Talk Takeaways

  • Where are companies failing in the race towards becoming cloud, SaaS first company?
  • What are some mistakes companies are making in the cloud journey?
  • Why is it important for companies to have right leaders to lead quality?
  • How poor quality is being covered?

Speaker Bio

Experienced Engineering Leader with vast experience in leading large-scale technology projects and playing varied roles in Program Management, Cloud, DevOps, Modern based architecture implementation & adoption with improvement in time to market and reduction in overall QA cost. Known for building high-performance teams from scratch

An individual who loves to network with people to learn from their experience, their views, and perception of the technology, industry, and sometimes specifically on certain topics.
He loves to constantly learn and upgrade himself and loves leading his team, mentoring, guiding, and making them successful.

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