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TestFlix 2022 - Eugenio Elizondo Perales

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Eugenio Elizondo Perales

Team Manager at Epicor Software

Atomic Talk Title: Using the comfort zone to achieve a continuous learning mindset.

Our craft, has the wonder that we can NEVER run off thinks to learn, something new will always come out that we can learn to improve and evolve as testers we can continue improving our skills until the end of time
This applied from a newcomer to a veteran the problem is “we do not know where to start”

Trying to achieve a continuous learning mindset can be very overwhelming because we probably don’t know where to start or we think that we don’t have the time to do it.
These two points can evolve into a lack of interest in learning new things causing us to get stuck. Being stuck leads us to create a state of disinterest in improving ourselves and not wanting to take risks that would help us grow as professionals. One of the repercussions that this causes is that the knowledge we have will not always be enough so we can perform different types of tests that could potentially help us reveal risks in our application. Considering this, I will show that the “comfort zone” is not a synonym for stuck, lazy, or lack of interest;

Why don’t we see it as doing things in your time and at your own pace, making it “Comfortable”? This doesn’t mean easy or no effort is required it’s just trying to be less stressful or overwhelming with the objectives of trying new things and being able to evolve.
this is presented by something I call the “Comfort Zone” Initiative which consists of the following four steps:
-Identify the right behavior: design a learning schedule according to the time and frequency you are comfortable following.

-Focus on Consistency, Frequency, and Recency: In addition to explaining how this word comes into play (this is the scientific part) We have to follow these three simple rules Commit to your Study schedule, Take notes in every study session, Review notes before the next study session

-Smart goals: Make specific small goals instead of a big and relative goal. This allows us to reach goals easier and relatively “fast”.

-Track your progress: This is to feel encouraged to continue by seeing the result of the effort and on the way to reaching the goal.

Finally, attendees will know How to use the Comfort Zone properly and where to start (All of this is covered in the “Comfort Zone” Initiative section of the talk ), bonus some tips and tricks on how to avoid or get out of a burn-out state.

Talk Takeaways

  • How to use the Comfort Zone in a proper way (“Comfort Zone” Initiative)
  • Difference between the Comfort Zone, Procrastination, and Burn-Out
  • How to do self-assessment to know where you are
  • The attendee will leave the session whit the first draft of their road map to where to star
  • Bonus some tips and tricks on how to avoid or get out of a Burn-Out State.
  • Regarding points 3 & 4
    During the talk, the attendees are asked questions that they must answer personally. This does not take much time, which is perfect for not affecting the pace of the talk, and in the end, the attendees end up with their first road map in a very natural way. Later they will adjust by applying the concepts seen during the talk

Speaker Bio

Eugenio is a Robotics Engineer with 4-year experience in the automotive industry coordinating Manufacturing processes, and 8 years as a Tester. Currently working in Epicor Software as Team Manager/Sr. Quality Assurance Automation Engineer responsible for doing automation, performance, and security tests for different applications and supervising
8 developers and 1 QA. He actively participates in development processes to implement requirements, improvements, or customer special requests. In charge of the training of their support team and new resources, and responsible for creating manuals and necessary documentation for customers, he is a firm believer in promoting a continuous learning culture within my team that’s why he created a site using Epicor´s internal platform where you can find articles, bibliography, training for Testing, and DEV topics.

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