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TestFlix 2022 - Anuj Magazine

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Anuj Magazine

Sr. Director Product Marketing at Balbix

Atomic Talk Title: How to write so that others read?

Over the last 2+ years, online/hybrid work became a norm. Most of us professionals have reasonably figured out routines that make us deliver optimal work. Holistically speaking, the adjustment to the new way of working wasn’t limited to work routines, but it was also about embracing new modes of communication and skills.
In the physical world, humans rely on body language to connect and build trust. With most of our communication now happening from behind a screen, the traditional body language signals are no longer visible. The new signals and cues like how an email is written, liking a post, using emojis, responding promptly, etc. have replaced traditional body language.
It has given rise to a new term known as ‘Digital Body Language. Digital body language is so incredibly relevant now, something that cannot be ignored. Of its many constituents, writing skills, in particular, have become quite important in this new work era. Like building any muscle, one must constantly hone writing skills to positively augment one’s digital body language and be more effective as a professional.
How does one nurture skills so that people would always want to read what you write? This is precisely the subject of my talk. 

Talk Takeaways

Going into the troves of my experience and experiments as a writer, I intend to share some actionable points focused on:
  •  Teardown of great writing components.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when writing.
  • Strategies and tactics to up-level your writing game.

Speaker Bio

Anuj Magazine currently works at Balbix Inc., a cyber security posture automation company as of Product Marketing team. Earlier, he worked at Walmart Global Tech and Citrix in various dtinct technology leadership roles like tech strategy, product management, technical operations and engineering functions. Prior to this, he played different roles in technology companies like McAfee and Quark. He has 16 patent filings.
He considers ‘having a beginners mindset’ as his biggest strength.
A good part of who he is comes from my interests and hobbies. He is a self-trained marathon runner. Have done 18 full marathons+ distances (42.195 km) (did 100 km couple of times, also a 75 km). Is an avid Sketchnote artist, which is about representing complex concepts in simple sketches.
Holds a professional qualification in handwriting analysis. Like to read and have been writing regularly at http://anujmagazine.blogspot.com/ .Is a passionate supporter of India’s Olympic Sports. Towards this, I have been an evangelist for the NGO Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ)

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