TestFlix 2021 - Viv Richards - The Test Tribe

TestFlix 2021 – Viv Richards

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Viv Richards

Director and Lead QA Consultant at Rubber Duck Consulting Ltd.

Atomic Talk Title: You’re On Mute

You are on Mute has been the theme for 2020 and 2021. I gave a thought to this on how metaphorical it is to our lives. You see people talk but you can’t hear the people talking because they are muted. In your life do you want to be seen or you want to be heard? How do you want your voice to be heard, most importantly what is that y ou are doing to be heard? In this talk I will share my story around you are mute!


  1. Retrospect on what is that you are doing to be heard!
  2. Look at what you really want to do and make time for personal growth!
  3. Three things that you have control to change are – you, those around you and the world!
  4. Together we can make a difference!


Speaker Bio

Viv Richards is an ISTQB Certified, Independent Lead QA Consultant with over 10 years testing experience helping develop web and mobile applications. During this time he has been responsible for defining, directing, coaching, and implementing quality processes within organizations to help deliver customer projects.

He is experienced in not only writing test automation suites but also creating new automation frameworks from scratch, using the best language and tools for the job.

He is a trainer having provided hands-on testing workshops across the UK, and an international keynote speaker. He has presented and facilitated software testing and software developer meetups and conferences all around Europe and in the USA.

For the last five years, he has organized an international software development conference in South Wales, helping to bring together like-minded people from all around the world to network and learn from leading professionals in the world of software development.

He is a STEM ambassador, as part of this role, he helps to teach children various skills as a CodeClub volunteer.


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