TestFlix 2021 – Vikas Mittal

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​


Technology Evangelist

Atomic Talk Title: Which Path Should I Follow

In this short talk I try to address key challenges faced by test engineers on what is the growth path which exists for them.

Do they all need to learn test automation for financial and vertical growth or there are alternatives they can look for.

Majority of test engineers struggle to find answers to these questions because of lack of guidance or support.

I hope in this talk they will be able to get those answers.


  1. Testers can grow beyond Test Automation.
  2. Have a mentor who can guide you to choose a path
  3. Scrum Master/Product Owner, Platform consultant, Devops & Cloud Engineer are few paths


 Speaker Bio

Mr. Vikas is a globally recognized speaker and leader in Digital Consulting and Assurance. A member of Forbes Technology Council, Atal Innovation Mission (Govt. Of India initiative to help students and start-ups) and an investor, advisor to start-ups in future of living initiative.

He has been involved in engineering and even transformation of digital first initiatives for Fortune 500 customers globally. With focus on delivering value to all stakeholders involved and simplification of process to bring in agility and establish fast go to market strategy with focus on quality.

In last 7 years, he has been responsible to establish new business lines for technology services providers globally, growing new service lines to an annual run rate of $ 40 million while maintain a 50%+ GM and 24%+ EBITDA.

To ensure team is fulfilling client’s expectations and performing to full potential, he established delivery centre’s globally with a team size of 800+ FTE at a fast pace but maintain high employee motivation and morale reflected in attrition percentage less than 10%.

Some of core areas where Vikas has been contributing to community is utilization of Machine Learning, Data Science and Predictive Analytics to improve quality and confidence in applications.

Vikas is an architect working with his team to build tools to bring in efficiency, transparency, scalability and reliability in testing for an application.

He is an engineering graduate and has completed his executive program in project management from IIT, Delhi.

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