TestFlix 2021 – Sharon O’Boyle

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Sharon O'Boyle

Software Tester at IBM

Atomic Talk Title: How I use SFDIPOT to learn and explore about applications

In this talk I will give an introduction to SFDIPOT and heuristics, and explain how I use SFDIPOT to explore and learn about applications. After giving an overview I will go through an example of applying it to a new feature being added to a web application. Finally, I will summarise the process I use and the benefits I have found in using SFDIPOT in software testing.


  1. Origins of SFDIPOT and what are heuristics
  2. What is SFDIPOT
  3. How to apply SFDIPOT using an example
  4. Benefits of using SFDIPOT


Speaker Bio

Sharon is an experienced tester, passionate about quality and continually striving to improve her testing skills. She enjoys working closely with Developers and the whole Agile team to build in quality throughout the SDLC, from design and release planning right through to delivery of the product. She loves expanding her knowledge and the challenge of quickly building expertise in new technologies and tools. She has excellent attention to detail which leads to thoroughness in testing and high quality defect reporting and communication which are vital especially when working on distributed teams. She is also flexible in adapting the test approach to best suit each situation.

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