TestFlix 2021 – Robert Sabourin

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Robert Sabourin

President at AmiBug.Com, Inc

Atomic Talk Title: Test Repeatability

I have been involved in Software testing since 1980s and we have done tons of testing as part for software development efforts. Throughout my career, People are always wondering what makes a test great and the answer is often its repeatability. While repeatability or sameness of tests is important in few cases, In this talk I will talk about how variability trumps repeatability of test cases.


  1. Purposeful Testing is more important than Testing on time, on quality or on budget.
  2. Sameness is not the only reason why we want to do regression testing
  3. Sameness of tests is important but will not uncover new problems
  4. Variability like changing navigation, conditions, order of operations helps find new problems


Speaker Bio

Rob Sabourin has more than thirty-nine years of management experience leading teams of software development professionals. A highly respected member of the software engineering community, Rob has managed, trained, mentored, and coached thousands of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization. Rob authored “I am a Bug!”, the popular software testing children’s book; works as an adjunct professor of software engineering at McGill University; and serves as the principal consultant (and president/janitor) of AmiBug.Com, Inc. Contact Rob at [email protected].

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