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TestFlix 2021 – Pradeep Soundararajan

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Pradeep Soundararajan

CEO Moolya Testing, AppAchhi

Atomic Talk Title: Why you should write a book even if you don’t intend to publish?

A lot of passionate testers who attend conferences are people who are interested to learn, continously. However, learning becomes scattered if they don’t connect the dots and see the full big picture. One of the fascinating, oblivious and least discussed ways of completing to connecting the dots is to write a book. I published a book in 2020. I am writing my 2nd one. The journey of writing these books is helping me see the big picture, learn things deeply, talk to a lot of people, learn from them and feel complete.

Feeling complete sets us to move to the next orbit of life. I wish to help people move to the next orbit. Asking them to start writing a book in testing. They don’t need to publish it. The journey is what truly matters.


  1. The talk is so short that if I tell the takeaways here, it wouldn’t be worth listening to the talk 🙂


Speaker Bio

Pradeep Soundararajan is the Chief Servant to Employees and Customers of Moolya Testing, a company he founded. He has been a Tester, Independent Consultant, Test Tool Developer (using Perl), Test Coach, Test Management Consultant, and Product Owner of Testing Tools such as Bugasura.io and whilst wearing a hat as a businessman. Pradeep is the author of the book Buddha in Testing. Too much about him. He is who he is because of the people. He is living a life that can be represented in one word – Ubuntu. Many good people make him.

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