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TestFlix 2021 – Parveen Khan

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Parveen Khan

Senior Quality Assurance Consultant

Atomic Talk Title: Solo tester doesnt always mean a lone tester

Have you ever been in a situation where you were a solo tester on a team? I was and infact I have been a solo tester during most of my career. Being solo tester is sometimes a very daunting and challenging situation to be in. In my session I will share my learnings while I was working as a solo tester in different teams and how I approached different ways to tackle this challenge.


  1. Challenges faced being a solo tester on a team
  2. Different ways to tackle being in this situation
  3. How to transform this situation into a powerful one
  4. Why being a solo tester doesnt always mean being alone


Speaker Bio

Parveen is a senior quality assurance consultant. Being a quality advocate she believes delivering high quality products is everyone’s responsibility. She loves collaborating with teams and optimizing processes, tools and methodologies to enable the creation of high quality products. She is also an international speaker sharing her stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe. In her spare time, she plays the role of wonder woman for her two lovely kids. You can connect with her on twitter – @Parveen_Khan10 and read her stories at https://www.parveenkhans.com/

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