TestFlix 2021 – Mike Talks

‘TestFlix 2021’ – Esteemed Speaker

Mike Talks

Test Manager

Atomic Talk Title: Testers belong in production…

Why you need your testers to be leading the charge into production.

This talk looks at my experience at a Wellington company of pushing code into production, and why testers are naturally suited to taking on this role.


  1. Your deployment process should be as automated as possible
  2. Testers are natural troubleshooters and problem finders
  3. Testers know the software and system better than most other members of the team


Speaker Bio

Mike Talks is a Wellington-based tester and author of “How To Test”, a book that introduces the day-to-day of testing.

Mike learned his craft doing integration testing for the Harrier aircraft, probably his favorite test rig to date. He invariably found a lot of tests that under the microscope were really component tests. Mike will help you think in more detail about how you approach the use of COTS products in testing.

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