TestFlix 2021 – Michelle Lagare

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Michelle Lagare

Founder and President of QE

Atomic Talk Title: Mobile App Testing in 2021

More than 350 billion mobile apps have been downloaded so far and the pandemic continues to drive this even higher.

Michelle Lagare, the founder and president of QE 360, will speak about the tests that are usually overlooked by companies but highly significant for the success of the mobile applications.

There will be a discussion of the aspects to consider and focus areas when testing current mobile applications.

This talk aims to remind QAs, QEs, developers, and product managers about critical areas to be tested and how they should be tested.


  1. Five areas to consider when testing a mobile app: persona, device profile, user location, internet, and competitors.
  2. There are 3 main mobile testing focus: functionality, user experience, and speed and security.
  3. Functionality is the first thing to focus on but functionalities should be tested in different devices, OS’s, and screen sizes. Make sure to conduct interruption, multitasking, and recovery testing.
  4. For the user experience, the best way to get how the user feel with your app is by looking at the reviews, comments, and customer support reports.
  5. For speed and security, make sure to conduct local network testing and ensure that you are adhering to data security and compliance policies/laws.


Speaker Bio

Michelle helps software development companies reduce regression labor cost by up to 96% through test automation, and train fresh grads to perform like Sr. test resources within a couple of days, not years.

She has worked with start-ups and big international corporations.

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