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TestFlix 2021 – Mahesh M

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Mahesh M

Senior Development Manager

Atomic Talk Title: What does system design mean to tester?

What does system design mean to testers, with distributed architecture why is it so important?
System design is a blueprint that is created before any product is developed.
System design talks about architecture, how different components fit together,
what are the trade off, it helps to provide sufficient information about the system
as a whole.

What does system design mean to testers? Why is it important for testers to understand
system design and take part in that to contribute towards building the overall product.


  1. Learn about system design and do not ignore
  2. Have basic understanding of distributed architecture, components that forms the distributed system.
  3. Discuss often how a system works internally
  4. Be a glass box tester
  5. Think about bigger picture of making the product succeed


Speaker Bio

Mahesh is a Software professional experienced in Leadership roles on many large-scale engagements across various companies. He has managed Challenging and Critical engagements which demanded building, managing and nurturing high performance, result-oriented teams to support delivery and contribute towards the success of the organization. He has always enjoyed various opportunities, challenges, success, failures that were thrown at him in his career and received them equally. Each of them has taught him one or the other lesson and made him stronger and stronger.

There was one such opportunity (Or challenge if others want to call it ) that was thrown at him. It was a situation where he had taken upon himself to learn cloud, AWS to have the team succeed. He took up this opportunity, which was very hard initially but eventually spent many years on this and during my cloud journey went on to acquire more experience and knowledge with AWS and cloud implementation, adaptation, roll out.

He went on to acquire 6 AWS certifications including the AWS certified professional architect. He has always enjoyed learning and being on technical side and It has always helped me to guide & mentor my teams. He believes in continuous learning and always willing to take up new challenges.

If you want to connect with him, kindly drop an email [email protected]

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