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TestFlix 2021 – Leandro Melendez

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Leandro Melendez

Performance Test Manager

Atomic Talk Title: Why caring about good performance?

On this talk, Leandro will quickly go over what is performance testing, first defining it and clarifying some confusions around what is it.
Then he will discuss why should we care about it, the impacts we could have not caring about it, and overall, the costs.
And finally a few quick tips on how to care about it in these modern days.


  1. A better understanding of what really is performance testing
  2. Awareness of the impacts that can come from not caring for performance
  3. Initial tips on steps and actions to care for your performance


Speaker Bio

Leandro Melendez is an avid performance test manager and consultant, podcast host on performance, presenter at testing conferences and many others. Has almost 20 years of experience on the IT business ranging from Developer, DBA, Project Manager and others.
The last 10 years he has been working on the QA area, especifically on the Performance and Load testing area using tools as WinRunner, LoadRunner, JMeter, HPDiagnostics, NeoLoad, AppDyn, Dynatrace and many others.
Has served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Australia.
He writes a performance testing blog called SeñorPerformo (www.srperf.com) and cooperates with the PerfBytes team in producing more online material for performance and agile testers.
He hosts the PerfBytes podcast spanish version.

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