TestFlix 2021 - Kim Engel

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Kim Engel

Engineering Manager - Cloud

 Atomic Talk Title: Quality Coaching at Octopus Deploy

Introducing Quality Coaching has not been smooth sailing at Octopus Deploy. Kim Engel discusses the organisation context, which aspects of the role worked well, and what hasn’t worked so well… Finally, she looks forward to 2022 to describe how Quality Coaching will be reintroduced and will continue to adapt.


  1. Quality Coaching is a new field
  2. Quality Coaches require some freedom to experiment with different approaches
  3. Setting clear expectations is important
  4. Team capacity and priorities may be a limiting factor for success


 Speaker Bio

Kim Engel is a quality specialist with a 20+ year testing career spanning a broad range of industries and technologies. Through inspiring and coaching others, and leading by example, Kim helps companies improve their approach to delivering quality products. She is known in the software community for driving continuous improvement, her dedication to quality, and a pragmatic approach to risk management.

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