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TestFlix 2021 – Jayesh G Salgaonkar

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Jayesh G Salgaonkar

Quality Enthusiast, Software tester

Atomic Talk Title: Scrum Ceremonies & Cognitive Engagement of Quality Engineers

Different Scrum ceremonies demands different set of questions & enquires to be made. Atomic talk outlines questionnaire for 4 key scrum ceremonies – Inception or Conceptualisation, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Story Kickoff…


  1. Testing in Scrum Framework
  2. Questionnaire for different Scrum Ceremonies
  3. Discussion between 3 Amigos
  4. Final message to fellow quality engineer


Speaker Bio

14+ years in the IT industry had an opportunity to work with distinguished organizations in
Consulting – Quinnox Consultancy, Capgemini, Palo IT
Product Development – Oracle
Banking Industry – Barclays Bank (Retail, Private & Wealth Banking), IndusInd, Lloyds Bank, NAB, CIC, DBS, SCB, etc…

Started journey as a pure manual functional tester, in Aug 2007 with Quinnox working for Barclays Bank (Retails division). The First 4 years spend, learning different aspects of functional, nonfunctional, business-centric requirements, expectations & deliveries. The move to Oracle (as a consultant from Capgemini) in 2010, marked his first step diving deep into project engineering – right from requirement gathering, analysis, use case design, business flow, prototyping, development challenges, feature-performing functional, non-functional tests. Spend about 20 months with Oracle, as a member of the core team developing NGP, which is now known as OBP (Oracle Banking Platform) for National Australi Bank (NAB).

Then started a new phase of his career, working with Barclays Bank (Wealth division) as a perm employee. Coming from Consulting experience, working with Bank was not that difficult. He had to adjust to the additional responsibility of ETE implementation + supporting Business Units in production. It was a long 30-month journey, which grew his experience further on Business Level challenges & what Business needs from IT.
It’s not always, complex software solutions, sometimes basic software solutions are good enough to solve major business problems.

A permanent move to Singapore in 2015, marks a special event in his personal & professional life. Here I joined Palo IT, an amazing people-oriented, delivery-driven, customer-centric, BCORP certified IT consulting. “Technology for GOOD” is at the heart of companies culture. The learning just never stops, the leadership at Palo is all about creating a safe space to fail, create challenging opportunities, encourage learning & training. He is thrilled by his experience so far, every day is a learning opportunity for leaders & dear colleagues.

As a Leader (managing testing dojo) primarily responsible for – organization level, strategy, plans, tool kits, repositories are ready to support & manage ongoing consulting projects for our beloved clients. Alongside, I am also managing an initiative on “QA -> SDET”, at broad it is –
1. change devs mindset
2. change stakeholder mindset

It been 6+ years and counting. Lot more initiatives in plan to explore simulatenous dev & testing, left & rigth testops….

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